Artist Statement

A primary focus in my practice is the physical exploration of the constructed environment surrounding me. In the past decade, my artistic production has centered primarily on the intersectionality between spatial habitats and architecture. I focus on the dichotomy of seemingly opposing areas: the perception of landscape aesthetics vs. the tangible physical experience of the inhabitable space around us.

I polemicize Puerto Rico’s colonial history, the constructed environment, and vernacular architecture while referencing regional literature and the Caribbean island context through its complex politically nuanced history.

My paintings are constructed with dense layers of paint and beeswax that alter structures’ original appearance, creating a new architectural space overtaken by secondary ecological processes of succession and change. A change rooted in the violent clash between the exuberant tropical flora vs the abandoned structure in decay. This collision is the genesis and vehicle I employ to establish visual metaphors that incite the audience to question the antithesis and absurdity of existing social narratives.

My work is a reflection of the environment that surrounds me, the community I belong to, the history that shaped me, and the pursuit of social justice. I am interested in presenting an aesthetic omen that instigates reflection on the future landscape and eventual unfolding reality.

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